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Daily Paint #628 - Groot by Cryptid-Creations


Daily Paint #628 - Groot by Cryptid-Creations

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a great thief

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otp meme: [4/6] moments

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i’m watching 13 Going on 30 and the moral of the story is be nice to the nerd who loves you and lives next door because in like 20 years he’s gonna turn into Mark Ruffalo

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"It was really love at first bloody mary.. for the three of us."

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 I’m always Jean. And I’m always the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again, outside the White Hot Room. But I’m starting to see now. Parts of me… Parts of me never came home.

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I know HIMYM has a few bad lines, but this is the least heteronormative thing I’ve ever heard a dad say to their child, and it’s a line in a TV show.

Bi visibility, FTW!

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